Gould Farms is a third-generation family-owned and operated grain and livestock operation headquartered in western Kane County, Illinois about 50 miles west of Chicago.

We grow corn, soybeans and wheat. The majority of the land we farm is entrusted to us by non-farming landowners – retired farmers, heirs, investors, and even a local forest preserve district. We accept a great responsibility in maintaining or improving the resources we manage and take pride in how we care for the land.

The livestock operation is a farrow-to-wean swine operation consisting of 750 females producing 17,000 piglets annually. The piglets are raised for a local hog operation. All of our animals receive the finest care – not only because it’s in our financial interest, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Our latest venture is direct sales pork. In the same way that we care for our many piglets, we've begun to raise a few hogs to market weight.  After harvest, the pork from these hogs is available for purchase and pickup.  For now, we'll do pickup at our house in Elburn. We'll be moving this pickup to the farm shortly.

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